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Monthly mountain climbing (advanced course)

Period: 2021/10/30 (Sat) 09: 00-16: 00
Yunoyama Onsen traverse from Mt. Iwabuchi (733m) and Mt. Sensou (510m)
Participation fee: ¥ 8,000 (tax included)

With a mountain climbing guide, cross Iwabuchiyama (733m) and Sensouyama (510m) from Ishigaya Gorge to Yunoyama Onsen.
There are chains and ropes in the rocky area on the way, and it is a course with a lot of variety. Suitable for advanced users.

Meeting place Yuki Exchange Experience Center
Holding time 9:00 to 16:00
With bandit
With accident insurance
Comes with a hot spring bathing ticket

※You can use the hot spring bathing ticket at Yuki Lodge or Yunoyama Onsenkan. If you want to take a bath on the day, please bring a bath set. The expiration date of the bathing ticket is one month.

※People aged 65 and over who live in Hiroshima City will receive points for lively activities for the elderly.

Yuki Exchange Experience Center
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2563-1 Tada, Yuki-cho, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima 7380721 Displayed on Google Maps
Clothing suitable for mountaineering, mountaineering shoes, helmets, gloves,
Please prepare a drink and a bathing set.

※Rental equipment: Mountain climbing shoes (22 cm to 29 cm) 1000 yen / foot
Pole 500 yen
Helmet 500 yen

※The event may be postponed or canceled due to the effects of coronavirus and weather conditions. Please note.

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Monthly mountain climbing (advanced course)

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