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Model course

Riding an E-Bike and visiting a comfortable hot spring

  • SPOT 01 | Yuki Experience Center

Rent an E-Bike and start visiting Yuki.

The starting point of the autumn course is the Yuki Exchange Experience Center. It opened in 2009 as a facility to experience nature experience programs, traditional agriculture and forestry, history and culture. Rent an E-Bike here and get a great coupon that can be used at restaurants in Yuki-cho. There is a course where you can enjoy chance encounters, such as riding an E-Bike that goes uphill and going around Yurai’s satoyama, enjoying nature such as autumn leaves, and interacting with local people who happened to meet along the way. It’s a start!

Average stay time 15 minutes
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  • SPOT 02 | Ishigaya Gorge

Stop by the autumn leaves spot and feel the autumn.

A 7km-long canyon located on a tributary of the Minochi River, which was designated as a scenic spot in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1945. The season of fresh green and autumn leaves is especially beautiful, and it is crowded with many hikers. Negative ions can be felt from the clear water and the scenery of the autumn leaves, so you can relax both physically and mentally. Try to find each favorite point.

Average stay time 60 minutes


  • SPOT 03 | Hana Cafe Matsunoji

Eat at a little-known spot in Yuki.

“Hana Cafe Matsunoji” is a little-known restaurant located between the exchange center and the fishing pond. It is a space where you can relax in a Japanese-style garden and a landscape surrounded by nature. At this shop, you can easily enjoy games, vegetables, and Japanese beef from Yurai, and if you are lucky, you can also taste the fish caught by a couple who love fishing. We also recommend sweets made with fresh cream from Sagotani Milk. You can eat with your doggy in the garden.

Average stay time 40 minutes
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  • SPOT 04 | Kubo Agrifarm

Enjoy nature in the idyllic ranch scenery and open barn.

Cows are growing steadily with clear air, delicious water, and self-sufficient pasture that is particular about soil preparation. Inside the ranch, there is a cafe “wondermilk FALO” where you can enjoy delicious gelato while looking out over the vast meadows. You can also experience selling local vegetables, milking, and making butter.

Average stay time 25-60 minutes
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  • SPOT 05 | Soraguchi Mama’s Milk Studio

Handmade milk jam filled with the charm of “Sagotani Milk”.

Soraguchi Mama’s Milk Kobo makes all the products one by one with all our heart. In addition to the standard milk jam, there are also popular products such as pudding, dorayaki (half-dora), soft serve ice cream, and olive oil. Yuki’s unique products are perfect for small souvenirs.

Average stay time 20 minutes
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  • SPOT 06 | Yuki Lodge

After enjoying nature, take a day trip bath and have a calm time.

After visiting Yuki, return to the Yuki Exchange Experience Center and take a bath at Yuki Lodge. Yuki Lodge is located along the Minochi River, a clear stream that is famous for its clean water quality nationwide, and is a convenient hot spring inn for sightseeing in Yuki Town. The hot springs that can be used for day trips are simple weakly radioactive cold mineral springs. The source is 28.3 degrees, which is a little cold to enter as it is, so it is a heated source flowing hot water. If you take a relaxing open-air bath while listening to the chirping of birds and the murmuring of the Minochi River, you will feel paradise. Natural wood is arranged everywhere in the cypress bath, and the scent of cypress is combined with the scenery to make the healing effect even more noticeable. In addition, at the nearby Yurai Onsen Yumoto private open-air bath “Makoto no Hiyu”, you can immerse yourself in your own healing space because it is a private open-air bath.

Average stay time 60 minutes
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  Yuki Onsen Yumoto Private Open-air Bath “Makoto no Hiyu”


Riding an E-Bike and visiting a comfortable hot spring